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Transparency, Partnership, and just being good people.


PeopleMakeUs was founded from the core mission of “Helping People”. The name “PeopleMakeUs” was created with a dual purpose, first it is our belief that all the people that work for our company are what make our company great. And second, it is a symbol for all employees at PeopleMakeUs to aide in keeping our moral compass pointed in the correct direction.


Transparency with our employees, our clients, and our MSP partners is a characteristic our company practices everyday. Transparency with our employees, internal or external is a vital aspect in our organization. Building trust with our employees and them knowing our belief is “it’s the people that make the company.” Transparency with our clients is the only way we know how to do business! Transparency with our MSP partners has been such a vital aspect of our reputation in the industry. Honest conversations are difficult at times, but sharing our thoughts is the PeopleMakeUs way.


Partnership with our employees, our clients, and our MSP partners is a characteristic our company practices everyday. Partnership, collaboration, communication with all of our employees is the PeopleMakeUs environment. Partnership with our clients by sharing our industry expertise or what we hear in the market is what you should expect. Partnership with our MSP partners by contributing creative ideas and/or partnering with the program desk to fill challenging positions is the PeopleMakeUs reputation.


Just being good people with our employees, our clients, and our MSP partners is a characteristic our company practices everyday. Just being good people with our employees, PeopleMakeUs was founded on the premise of ensuring each and every employee at PeopleMakeUs has a positive experience, has a voice with our company, and has a feeling of being a part of a great company. PeopleMakeUs has a strong belief in assisting employees in their pursuit for development, and demonstrating a care for people in general. Just being good people with our client, we believe in fair market values and servicing our clients with more than just a transaction approach. Just being good people with our MSP partners is how we believe PeopleMakeUs is viewed by the MSP community. 


PeopleMakeUs… just being good people… 


Our seven core values define how we want to identify ourselves and strive to be, everyday:


  • We fulfill our obligation of building a better, stronger and more durable company
  • We protect the PeopleMakeUs brand
  • We meet our commitments to stakeholders: Clients, Consultants, Employees & Community
  • We act with an owner mentality


  • We are ethical and honest
  • We inspire trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions


  • We succeed when our Clients Succeed
  • We create long-term partnerships by being Responsive and Relevant, and by consistently delivering Value
  • We are always Nimble to our client needs


  • We are in the service business; our consultants and clients are our customers
  • We Grow when our People Grow
  • Teams work, Boundaries don’t
  • We believe in Meritocracy
  • We demonstrate a “Can-Do” attitude
  • We have a passion for Learning and Sharing knowledge


  • We embrace Speed and Excellence
  • Energy and Focus transforms Challenges into Opportunities
  • Process, Quality and disciplined Execution will deliver Impact


    • Innovation Keeps Us Ahead of the Curve
    • Change is a Constant

Social Responsibility

We may be growing fast, but we never lose sight of the communities that support us. Our commitment to community service grows from the same philosophy that drives us to exceed expectations for both candidates and clients. We truly believe we can make the world better—by helping job candidates reach their full potential, and by serving the communities we are so proud to be a part of.



  • We are connected to the communities and world we live in.


PeopleMakeUs is a Service Disabled Veteran & Woman Owned Small Business. Our goal is to build diversity and inclusion throughout the ecosystem we operate in:


  • Employ a diverse team of professionals representing the stakeholders we support (clients, consultants, employees, suppliers, community)
  • Enhance access to career development for all our workforce
  • Increase innovation and diversity engagement across organization


  • Understand the makeup of our workforce and use data to drive decisions
  • Proactively identify talent to promote workforce diversity
  • Increase employee awareness and knowledge about inclusion
  • Build highly effective teams


  • Understand our Customer Diversity Goals
  • Link Inclusion to our Diversity Growth Strategy
  • Demonstrate a link between our culture and diversity inclusion goals of our customers

Procurement Supplier Diversity

  • Create meaningful relationships
  • Utilize Diversity Suppliers
  • Plan for a 5 year diversity spend goal
  • Measure Diversity Spend against targets and take corrective actions

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