Frequently asked questions


What is PeopleMakeUs?

As a Service Disabled Veteran & Woman Owned Small Business, our core values focus on linking our Veterans and Female Workforce to global Fortune 100 – 500 companies. Our company provides targeted, highly-skilled consultants and/or teams for companies who have a range of strategic, visible, and often mission-critical initiatives.

Is there a fee for head hunting services?

PeopleMakeUs is not a head  hunting firm. We never charge a fee to our potential candidates or employees for our employment placement services.

What happens after you receive my resume?

After your resume is submitted, our recruiters will review it to determine your suitability for positions we are looking to fill. If your experience and skills are a good match, a PeopleMakeUs recruiter will contact you via email or telephone to determine your interest and availability. Depending on this initial screening, and if you so desire, you will be recommended for further consideration. If this is not a match, then you can begin this process again.

Will my resume be sent to potential companies without my knowledge?

PeopleMakeUs will not submit you for any job to our clients without your approval. In fact, we will seek a formal “Right to Represent” agreement which proves to our client that we have a unique candidate who has agreed to be considered for their position.

What is the hiring process?

There are multiple steps to the hiring process. One of our recruiters will contact you for an initial screening to determine your interest and availability. If a match is made, you will be recommended for further consideration after returning a “Right to Represent”. You will then speak with an Account Coordinator to review your skills and to ensure that you are the perfect fit. If you pass this second “touch point”, PeopleMakeUs will then submit you to our client for job consideration. Then depending on the client, a face to face interview might occur or one over the telephone. If you are chosen for the position by the client, a background check, drug screening and other tests might be necessary. Once you get the all clear, return employment paperwork – it’s off to work you go!

How long will it take me to get a job?

The recruitment/hiring process depends on several factors including: type of job, background check requirements, and other details regarding the position. On average, qualified candidates can be on the job within eight to ten working days.

Who is my employer?

PeopleMakeUs is your employer. We field all of your questions and handle your payroll.

Do I receive any benefits?

PeopleMakeUs offers benefits to all of our employees.

What salary will I receive?

PeopleMakeUs pays competitive salaries that match your job title and duties, your level of experience, and your location.

Will my assignment become permanent?

Some jobs are listed as temporary-to-permanent and you will know that status before you begin the assignment. Other jobs, while listed as temporary, may become permanent over time, and PeopleMakeUs makes arrangements so you have a smooth transfer from being a PeopleMakeUs employee to a client-based permanent employee. Still other jobs are temporary only, with a specific time frame for the assignment, which you will know before accepting the position.

How long will my assignment last?

The length of PeopleMakeUs  temporary employment assignments varies. Before beginning an assignment, you will know the time frame for your engagement. However, sometimes assignments are extended. In those cases, you would be notified and consulted regarding your availability and desire to stay in the position.