Veteran Talent

Transitioning to Civilian Garb

A practical, strategic and collaborative approach to enable experienced Veteran professionals to transition to the civilian workforce.

Operation Overview


Despite the various Veteran transition programs preparing Veterans for the workforce, there are still additional avenues for Veterans in transition. The Transition to Civilian Garb program aims to add another option for Veterans by taking a targeted approach of preparing Veterans specifically for our clientele.


PeopleMakeUs invest heavily in learning about our client’s business objectives & environment. With the purpose of utilizing our intelligence in conjunction with our expertise to determine exact matches for both our resources and clientele.


The Transition to Civilian Garb program aims to work with Veterans whom are still active and completing their service.


PeopleMakeUs does not charge the Veteran or the Veteran organization.


All PeopleMakeUs personnel is 100% US based.


Operation Targets

The 6 step, immersive transition program aims to:

Discovery of skills and attributes.

Prepare individuals for entering the contemporary workforce.

Build strategic plan to upskill individual.

Provide logistical counsel for first assignment.

Provide one on one adjustment support while transitioning.

Provide post assignment support for future goals or initiatives.


Benefits for the Veterans:


  • 6-step immersive program
  • Discovering and upskilling competencies
  • Leveraging expert matching to core competencies
  • Increased chances of hiring through targeted visibility
  • Preferred Access: for job opportunities through PeopleMakeUs